Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet Diane McCaskill

I have been a Chiropractic Assistant since 1990 and as a mother of 3 children (and now 1 grandchild), I have relied on Chiropractic to help my family through croup, colds, sports injuries and all the bumps and bruises of growing up.

Through the years I have seen and heard amazing stories from our patients about how chiropractic has changed their lives for the better.  So many people struggled with their health for years, taking prescription drugs, and even undergoing surgery, and when they come to us they often say “I wish I had known about chiropractic sooner!”   I want to make sure that everyone is educated about the benefits of chiropractic so they DO know about chiropractic first.

As a Chiropractic Assistant, I have worked very hard to learn my profession both on the job and from specific classroom training.  I want to make sure that every patient at Insideout Chiropractic knows that they are in the right place.

When I am not helping patients at the clinic, I enjoy spending time with my husband Bill, my family and especially my beautiful granddaughter Alexa.  I also keep busy through my involvement with animal rescue, church and a children’s camp.

Life’s too short to sit still for long!