I suffered with lower back pain for almost 30 years as being a heavy truck mechanic has had a toll on my back. I had gone to several doctors with my condition. X-rays showed degeneration as the main cause of my back pain. I took pain killers and anti inflammatories but this only gave temporary relief. Three years ago I ended up in the hospital for a week due to my pain in my back and surgery looked like my only option. Knowing little at this time about chiropractic, I thought I would look into it as an alternative. I have been under the care of Dr. Noreen Yeates since my first consultation with her. I no longer take pain killers or anti inflammatory drugs and have had no other treatment for my condition. I find with regular adjustments I can keep my back in
good shape. My energy level is higher now than ever as I no longer have severe back pain dragging me down. Chiropractic care has done wonders for me and I would highly recommend it to other people with my condition.


In October of 2004, I slipped on wet stone and twisted my back. I was in considerable pain, but did not want to go to the doctor as I knew he would want to put me on medication; that only helps for awhile and then the pain would return.

My husband had been seeing Dr. Yeates for some time and recommended a visit to her. After an examination and x-rays, Dr. Yeates proposed chiropractic treatments.

It was a long haul, but now I am able to carry on the activities I thought my back would prevent me from doing.

At 67, I still enjoy skiing, sailing and walking. I also gained information on diet, exercises and vitamins that keep my body
healthy and active.


In April of 2001, a young friend said that she was worried I might not live a long life because I wasn’t exercising and looking after myself. I was 57 years old and decided to take stock. I had tried running when I was in my early 30’s and although I quit after a year I remembered that I liked it so I decided to begin again. So…I walked from hydro pole to hydro pole and gradually I began to run. By June I was able to do a 5 km. run with my young friend.
I was hooked. I ran a half marathon a year later and set my sights on running a full marathon – that’s right – 26 miles/42km. for my 60th birthday.
By 2003 my running was going well. I bought a bike and learned to do some road racing and did a duathlon (running 3km. biking 10 km. and running another 3km.). I think I came in close to last but it was such fun! My next goal was a triathlon, but I had to learn to swim first. I began lessons at the YMCA in January 2003. I took the triathlon course at the Y and attempted my first Try a Tri in Orillia August of 2003. I was almost the last one in the water but ended up 2nd overall in my age group. What a high that put me on.

I was feeling good, lost a little weight and becoming stronger. However, I did not feel 100%. I had watched Noreen Yeates do the duathlon and watched her compete in the North Bay Triathlon (always in first place) and I decided I wanted to do this stuff with more ease. Although my life had become much better with exercise and mentally I felt well, I knew something else was needed.

I found it at Insideout Chiropractic.

I had problems getting out of bed in the morning. I would roll out because by back was usually stiff and my neck was always tight. Within one month and with the adjustments, my body began to respond. I began to be able to “read” my body better and, on top of everything, I could ask Noreen lots of questions about running and swimming. With her help and encouragement, I did my marathon for my 60th birthday in December 2003 in Sacramento, California. It was not easy, but I ran with ease and it was an incredible accomplishment. I continue to come in for weekly adjustments and since March the swimming has finally kicked in and I am able to do 40 lengths of the pool. I will be running 2 half marathons this summer doing a duathlon, doing a full triathlon in August and running my 2nd full marathon in Chicago. I don’t go into these races to win, I go in to finish and have fun. What I gain can’t be measured!

Do I feel well? You bet I do! I have gained a sense of well-being and have more energy than women half my age. I am now heading for 61 and I enjoy each day. I do things with joy and have a great relationship with my body. I feed it well, exercise it and nourish it both mentally and spiritually.

I am thankful that I found a chiropractor that works with my body and helps me to keep it healthy. My message to you is to get out there and walk, work in your garden, or like me, run, bike and swim. There are always new mountains to climb; who knows…that might be next!


As a young adult age 21, I have been plagued with back problems for over 10 years. Most health care providers that I asked answered my concern by telling me that I grew too fast after straining my back in a fall. Physiotherapists worked at strengthening the muscles for support but did not address the whole issue. My employer recommended I see his chiropractor so I made an appointment with Dr. Noreen Yeates. Since coming to Insideout my mobility has been improved and the pain has been relieved. I’ve been able to get back to the gym and am more active now. The strain from working at a grocery store has eased. Dr. Yeates is there every step of the way and answers any questions about getting back in shape and what’s best for me. Thank you to the staff at Insideout for all your help.

Under care since 1994.

Hi there!

I have had Dr. Noreen adjust me for many years and she has kept me very mobile. Any other aches or pains she corrects very
rapidly and always with a smile.

The McKenny Family

Hi! I first became acquainted with Insideout when Dr. Yeates was invited to my work place and gave a presentation on optimal health during an office health and safety meeting. The information that Dr. Yeates passed on made so much sense that you had to question yourself as to why you keep putting your health on hold.

I had been having numbness in my leg for quite a period of time, so after the presentation I made an appointment with Dr. Yeates and have not looked back since. My numbness is gone, my range of motion has improved and my overall health has improved. During this same time, I had my first child; pregnancy, delivery and recovery were great and I believe my regular adjustments played a very important role in this.

My husband has a very physical job, one that he did every day with back pain, until he started seeing Dr. Yeates. Two years ago when he first started seeing Dr. Yeates he could not walk without pain (already having had back surgery a few years earlier). It didn’t take long for Dr. Yeates to have him pain free again even with the constant abuse his job puts his body through. The best benefit about his adjustments is how quickly he can bounce back after his back is aggravated, what once took weeks to settle down now only takes a day or two and very often overnight.

Our son started seeing Dr. Yeates at 3 weeks old. Dr. Yeates has helped us through colic, constipation and several bumps and falls (only the beginning so I’ve been told).

Our family would like to thank Dr. Yeates and the staff at Insideout for their knowledge, understanding and support and their friendly smiles! You have truly made a difference in our lives.


Library assistant and grandmother. Under care since 2001

Chiropractic has helped me to play with my grandchildren and enjoy life without fear of backache or headaches.


I had not had chiropractic care in approximately 2 – 3 years before coming to Dr. Noreen Yeates at Insideout Chiropractic. With constant upper back pain, and intermittent lower back pain, I felt it was time to have things looked after. What impressed me the most about this practice was how the whole person was taken into account. What a change from many previous chiropractic experiences! I appreciated the honesty, professionalism and approachability of everyone in the office. Taking time for my own health care has been a long time coming. As a widow for 22 years, my time has been spent looking after other people’s needs and unfortunately neglecting my own in many instances.
I began seeing a naturopath 4 years ago, and now I am so thankful that I have taken the step to seek chiropractic care. New goals are being set constantly!

Thank you for assisting me with this change in focus in my life.

I would highly recommend Dr. Noreen Yeates and this clinic to anyone.

What a difference!