Our Approach

Our Approach

Family Wellness Care

Managing your family’s health from one sickness event to the next is risky business.

Our clinic is successful in reducing stress and the damaging effect it has on our children, our parents and on us.

Wellness is where we all belong. Our cells and organ system are “programmed” to work efficiently and manage themselves so that we can maintain our vibrant health. This only happens if there is open communication within the body at all times. Chiropractors have researched the role that the spine and its nerve connections have in keeping family members well. The verdict is in; Chiropractic works to prevent and promote great health and vitality! Choosing to stay well begins with a stress-check of the spinal nerve centers. Babies, young children, adolescents, adults and seniors are all susceptible to nerve interference. The leading cause of altered communication throughout the nervous system is unmanaged stress. Not surprisingly, all age groups are affected by daily stresses. Education is provided to teach children and parents how to develop a new level of stress awareness.

The Well-Child Checkup:

Babies, infants and toddlers can be easily checked for spinal nerve tension. Advanced neural scanning can be safely used with babies or with any other ages. Posture also plays an important role in assessing the amount of stress the spine is adapting to. Chiropractic pediatric groups recommend checking the baby for nerve and spine tension at least 4-6 times in the first year alone. Difficult births, recurrent ear or throat infections or delayed development are situations that should be discussed with our doctors.

Adolescent Wellness Care

The early and middle teen years are monumental in the emotional and physical development of our children. These are the times when dramatic shifts occur in their body forms and their behaviors. De-stressing the developing nervous system by using safe and successful chiropractic adjustments is an ideal foundation for these children. These are also the years when contact sports begin to be introduced. Chiropractic is an essential component of an active adolescent’s wellness lifestyle.

Adults and Stress

The story of our clinic is stress and the damaging effect it has on our children, our parents and on us. The dynamic pace of life combined with the demands at work and family tax the reserves that we might have. Fitness and diet are cornerstones of the wellness lifestyle but stress usually goes deeper into the nerve reflexes that control our bodies. Chiropractic adjustments release the nerve tension that affects sleep, immunity, creative thought and fatigue. Spinal pain is the most common result of too much stress. Regular adjustments and checkups protect and improve performance in all areas of life.

Seniors and Chiropractic

Our aging family members are most susceptible to the damage of spinal misalignment and nerve tension. Years of chronic change affect the balance and energy systems while immobility and fatigue stress the joints, muscles and nerves. Amazingly, chiropractic care has some of its most dramatic successes in this group. Safe and gentle adjustments are always available to assist seniors age gracefully.